iamalanamarieMy name is Alana Marie and welcome to where I give my own interpretation of fashion, frugality, faith, family, fun, and (my newest) fiancé ish. Although these posts are expressed through my transparent and candid lens, I hope you can find yourself through these words. For the young women raising children (or thinking about raising children) and still have their own identity outside of motherhood, to the women who step out lookin fly on a dollar, to the women who flip between Kendric Lamar and Marvin Sapp unapologetically, to the women who spend hours on Pinterest mentally putting together their wedding day, and the women who speak on and combat the ills of the world – iAMalanamarie is for you.

iAM was created as a platform to not only express myself but to enhance my influence. There is nothing more powerful than witnessing people step into their purpose full of vulnerability and passion. As an influencer, I love supporting businesses that have genuine and authentic people behind the brand. iAM has worked with brands including Republic & Co. , Khlovahair, and Sweethead Naturals and my writing has been featured on BlogHer, xoNecole, and Blavity.

Join me in this. Read. Like. Love. Share. Cry. Laugh. Pray. Relate. Repeat. But most of all, recognize that I’m a writer and I’m sensitive about my …………

God Bless.

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