About Me

Visual Storyteller + Content Creator


I am GLAD you are here. My name is Alana Marie and I am social worker, storytellHER and digital content creator.  I make non-fiction films,  highlight stories of every St. Louisans with Humans of St. Louis, capture images and produce video for brands and organizations looking to engage their audience with authentic stories and help other up-and-coming filmmakers bring their stories to life. To sum it up, I LOVE telling stories. I believe in the power of storytelling and capturing moments in time to live beyond current day. Everyone has a story, everything has a meaning, and every experience serves a purpose.

My Story

For as long as I can remember, I always loved creating and had a heart for service. I would write songs or draw clothes on stick figures (back when I had fashion designer aspirations) but would also watch documentaries or news segments about things going on in the world and felt compelled to help in some way. 

My undergraduate degree is in Communications and I thought I would end up going into Public Relations. Funny how life happens. After graduating, I served in Americorps for two years as a College Adviser at a St. Louis City Public School helping underrepresented/first-generation students get to college.


My last year as an adviser, Michael Brown was murdered and that impacted my students and myself greatly. I was at a crossroads with the next phase of my life as my city was undergoing so much trauma and I wasn’t really sure of how  I could help. I decided to go back to school and get my Masters of Social Work degree, where I studied systems and policies impacting communities of color.

This is where my passion for storytelling was cultivated and re-birthed. I started a blog and published articles on several national platforms about relevant topics in Black culture.


This evolved into visual storytelling. In the Fall of 2016, I began production of my first documentary titled, The Kinloch Doc. It’s a story about the rise and demise of Missouri’s First Black City – and this happens to be where my family is from as well.

 With a mini-festival run under my belt and several press trips later, I am currently in post-production of my film.  

 I get to do what I love by integrating my heart for service and social work training into storytelling.


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