If you’ve ever read the story of Jonah in the Bible, you probably found yourself relating to him much like myself. For those who haven’t read it, peep game:

Jonah was a prophet who was given a specific task but Jonah wanted no parts of it. He was chosen to travel to Ninevah (an evil/sinful city) to deliver a message about repentance. Jonah did everything but say “ok.” He went the opposite direction, ran the risk of causing harm to other men in a boat, and was swallowed by a whale because of his disobedience. After time alone with his thoughts in the belly of a whale, he was thrown “up” to shore and got back on his square. He delivered the message of repentance and the people of Ninevah repented. Moral of the story, we cannot run from God.

I just recently pulled a “Jonah.” God has been calling me to have a much needed discussion with a family member and I’ve been running from it…for years. I would always be put into situations where I would hear things I didn’t think I was supposed to hear; see things I didn’t think I was supposed to see…but I did. I mean, it was so routine, and my natural reaction (even now) is to leave because I don’t want to deal with whatever the issue is at hand. It wasn’t until recently that I walked into my obedience, trusted Pops, and completed the task. I felt like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. I am slowly but surely learning that my calling, or part of my calling, is to be a “center” person. I’m the first in my immediate family to have a relationship with Christ so family naturally gravitate towards that. Before my grandmother passed, she told me I was the rock of this family. I am also the youngest granddaughter so I was most definitely in denial. The idea in itself overwhelmed me. It all makes sense now.

In going through my “Jonah” moments, God is teaching me that I am not tapping into my purpose alone. Before the conversation with that family member and all throughout, I prayed, “Lord let my words be Spirit led and not Alana led. Whatever needs to be expressed, let it be expressed without any disruption from me.” The conversation went way better than anticipated, to the point where I felt dumb for running for so long.

His calling on our lives isn’t overwhelming, we overwhelm ourselves. A seed was planted and Pops always gets the glory. If I have to be the vessel in this situation, so be it.

If its any way I can encourage you: When in your Jonah moment, whatever your “Ninevah” is, know you were not called by random. We have to consider it an honor/privilege to be chosen for such tasks. We are never doing it alone. We may think we are getting some where by running from God but he is always there probably saying, “Look bruh, I’m ready when you are. Quit runnin.”

Get out the belly of the whale and make moves!

*And if you haven’t read Jonah, do so. It’s a pretty good read if I can say so myself.

God Bless.

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