Why I Chose to Give My Daughter Locs

February 14, 2017

*Image above is Addyson getting her hair retwisted by her uncle*

It’s been two months since my daughter started her loc journey, December 10th to be exact, and it has been a journey for the both of us. This is a process I wanted to start when she was three-years-old (she is seven now) but I listened to the naysayers in my family who convinced me that it was a bad idea to give my daughter a “permanent” style at such a young age.
I am not too familiar with “hair types” but I do know that my daughter’s hair is extremely thick and course. She is extremely tender-headed so trying to get her to keep her head still without jerking her head back from the comb is a job in it of itself. A Sunday evening do quickly turns into “let me hurry up and give this girl a ponytail so she can quit crying and go to bed” do. Because it was so coarse (and because my patience is so thin), I made the decision to give her a texturizer when she was four-years-old and that was the routine every six months for a year and a half. Granted, it did make Sunday nights a lot more pleasant and her hair a lot easier to manage but I regret ever putting that into her hair. I remember my mother giving me a perm at a young age and the texture of my hair hasn’t been the same since so I wish I would’ve considered that as a factor prior to putting the texturizer in her hair.

This time around, Addyson came to me and addressed her desire for locs. Both her God-mother and uncle had locs (both no longer have them either by cutting them off or combing them out) so she was able to see the flexibility and creativity with locs. She had a brief phase where she was so engrossed with all things long and blonde so we had several discussions about “false standards of beauty” and how everybody’s hair is beautiful in their own way – long, short, kinky, curly, etc. She’s even witnessed me rock numerous hairstyles over the years (pixie cut, mohawk, permed hair, protective styles, etc) and I try to emphasize how the person makes the hair, not the other way around.

This time around I didn’t let the naysayers sway me or Addyson from this decision. The opposition always made the argument that “locs are a permanent style and she needs to be old enough to make that decision. What if she doesn’t like it?” That texturizer I gave her was just as permanent and actually damaging and what if she actually likes it? Loves it? If she doesn’t, we will comb it out and go on to the next style. At the end of the day, it is just hair.

On December 10th, we went to Sweethead Naturals and she began her loc journey with two-strand twists.

Addy locs

Two months in and I am glad that I allowed Addyson to make that choice independently and follow through with it. She is surrounded by several young girls in her African dance class as well as some school mates with locs so she feels more connected to them. The maintenance on her hair has reduced greatly and it is something that I can handle in addition to my other responsibilities as a full-time mother, student, entrepreneur, writer, and natural hair influencer (I talk about this here).

I will be posting updates on Addyson’s journey (both inward and outward) every two months.

Her hair is already starting to loc!!

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