Documentary about the past/current condition of Missouri’s First Black City – Kinloch. If anyone is familiar with Kinloch, what they know, think they know, and what they’ve heard, more often than not will be extremely negative. From its history of corruption within local government to its over exaggerated crime to its decimated tax base and land saturated with garbage, these instances do hold some truth but do not tell the entire story of Kinloch. This documentary aims to share its historic makeup as a city of all Blacks – educators, entrepreneurs, congregations, community members, families – and how the dismantling of this city (through immoral and unethical decision making) was primed and planned long before its execution. What is being done and who is putting forth the effort to change Kinloch’s narrative and maintain Kinloch’s legacy? Well, you will see in the film 🙂


I began production for The Kinloch Doc in April of 2017 and man, I DID NOT know what I was doing. Granted, that doesn’t seem like it was too long ago but I’ve been diligent about learning and growing since then. In May of 2018, I made the Kinloch Doc into a four-minute short (still working on a full feature) as the final project for a media production program I was enrolled in, and submitted it to the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase where it screened in July of 2018 and then invited to screen at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November of 2018. Y’all, as a first-time filmmaker with no previous experience in media production, 2018 has been a great year for the Kinloch Doc. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from those who have had a chance to view it at the screenings and I can’t wait until I am done with the full feature. 2019 aint ready for the Kinloch Doc!


I was recently asked when I would be showing the short to the public (Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook) and I wanted to be sure that I didn’t want to submit to anymore festivals before uploading. Before the summer of 2019, I will most likely upload for all to see to generate more interest and a greater following before I launch my kickstarter. If I remain diligent and disciplined, I am aiming for a launched kickstarter in May of 2019. Y’all pray for me!

*The short has recently been accepted into the Benton Park Film Festival and will screen at the end of March!


First and foremost (and I say this every chance I get), this film is about family legacy. That’s how it started and that’s what will be saturated all up and through this film. My family is from Kinloch and I’ve lost many of my elders (both grandparents, 2 aunts and 2 uncles) who loved Kinloch. I never got to experience living in the city, but the way my father and many other people I have met throughout production – talk about the city and their love for the city, I feel compelled and convicted to tell the story. Secondly, the population of Kinloch continues to diminish day by day. It was once a community that housed over 10,000 empowered and excellent Black folk to now only having less than 200 residents. By way of re-development, disinvestment and industrial investment, Kinloch may not be here much longer and its story needs to be captured and stamped in time while it can still be referenced in the present tense. I am Kinloch. Kinloch is me.

See the first trailer here:

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