The Best, Is Yet, To COOOOOOOME

July 21, 2015

I just recently wrapped up my term as a College Adviser this past May. This position was only for two years and I served both. I’m in a position where I can sit and reflect on what I’ve been through and where I am going here on out. Interestingly enough, my role as a College Adviser was not originally in my plans and if left up to me, would have never came to pass.

Flash back to 2012, I was preparing to finish out my final semester of college and graduate that December. I was knee deep in planning to go to graduate school at Mizzou in the Human Development and Family Studies program; either that or Non Profit Management. When I say knee deep I mean KNEE DEEP. I would have informational interviews almost weekly with people in both departments to see what all I would need to do to apply and what to expect once in the program. I would search high and low for external funding opportunities and if these programs would accept it.

I was working as a College Ambassador in an advising office and one of my favorite advisers got hired as an admissions recruiter for the Non Profit Management program. I took that as a sign that I was supposed to go there. As quickly as I gained interest in that program, I lost interest. Back to HDFS I go. I was going back and forth with admissions about waiving my tuition because the concentration I wanted to pursue was only offered online and not on campus so they were relentless in saying they wouldn’t waive it because it wasn’t traditional. Sign #1) I kept forcing myself into the program. None of my efforts felt natural. But no one could tell me anything then. That’s what I thought I wanted to do. I had begun the application process a little late and was pushing towards the deadline. This program required me to take the GRE and I fought tooth and nail. I have a great disdain for standardized tests. A friend lent me GRE prep books and I can count on one hand how many times I opened those books. I complained almost daily about how it was unnecessary and how my experiences in undergrad should be the indicator of graduate school success, blah blah blah.

I go to take the GRE. Sign #2) I walked up to the front desk only to find out my license had been expired for four months and I could not take the GRE without my license. He handed it back to me and I just walked out of the building with the widest of smirks. Not happy that I couldn’t take the test but I could not believe that out of all things that could have prevented me from taking the test, it was my ID. Luckily, I had not been pulled over in between time. That following Monday, I renewed my license (God Be Knowing).

Moral of the story, God knows way better than we do. I could’ve sworn up and down I had my life all together after graduation. God had better plans. Being a college adviser in St. Louis City has been one of the most gratifying, humbling, and dopest experiences I have ever had. I am beyond grateful to have been in a position to help kids go to college who otherwise would have never thought about it, and they trusted me. The connections that I made and the networks I was placed in because of working in education can never be taken away from me. The conversations with my students about how they fear leaving home, fear the possibility of failing after high school, pressures of being the first in their family to go to college. God chose me to be that “go to “ person for these kids. I was overwhelmed at first but now I am grateful.

Unfortunately, this position is grant funded and the term expires after two years. I will be attending Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a Masters in Social Work at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work: one of the top social work programs in the country. Little did I know, God was fixin and finagling bigger and better things for me. Those closed doors previously were just his way of getting my attention to stop doing things for myself and allow Him to do what he does best.

Getting a lot of closed doors or feel like you are constantly fighting for things to work in your favor? That very thing or those very things may NOT be what God has planned for you. Sit back and ask…. “Lord, what am I supposed to be doing cuz clearly what I am trying to do isn’t it?” Your answer may be as obvious as an expired license. Ask for guidance, you shall receive.

God Bless.

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