“That’s Just My Baby’s Dad”

August 4, 2015

The Ciara/Future/Russell Wilson dilemma has been quite a hot topic in the social media streets over the past few weeks. I, myself have partaken (foolishly) in the unsolicited opinion giving of this subject (BECAUSE IT’S PETTY) but once my dad told me I’m wasting beautiful oxygen by going back and forth with others, I had to reevaluate. A lot of us can take something away from this situation, including myself:

  • Social media IS NOT the platform to address concern or ill feelings towards the other parent (or another person for that matter). All that does is leave a wide open opportunity for people (like me) to feed into a situation we really know nothing about, make judgments and harsh statements, and add fuel to an already ablaze fire.
  • Think before you speak: Once it is put out into the air, it can never return. Once it is put on the Internet, it will never go away. Even with all the apologies in the world, be wise in the words you put into the atmosphere.
  • Parents: never speak ill of the other parent (Especially) in front of the child. Regardless of what happened, there was once upon a time that we were digging the other parent. That child is half the other parent/they share the same identity. You are speaking ill of your child as well. I used to do this very same thing. Even if you are thinking it, don’t say it! Again, social media aint the place.
  • Co-parenting: Unfortunately, a lot of us fall into the category of broken families where biological parents do not remain together, nor were a lot of us ever married in the first place. When parents decide to split, both parents run the risk of having another person come in as an influence for the well being of our child(ren). I am currently dating and he is always around my daughter. I believe that her father trusts my judgment in who I have around my daughter but since I am the primary caregiver and my daughter is with me 95% of the time, I do have that say so in who I will and won’t have around her. I am unaware if her father is dating someone but if/when he does, I would just like to meet her and ensure that she is a positive influence in Addy’s life. If she likes kids and can do hair that’s a plus!
  • Keep the focus on the child and not on the other parent. These are grown folks we are talking about. I cannot control what her father does nor do I desire to. As long as he is alive and healthy, that’s my only concern. His relationship with Addy is the most important thing. Anything else can be tossed with the wind

Their situation seems to be getting messier and messier. Unfortunately, all of us have something to say about what she should be doing and what he should be doing when not NAH one of us got all of our stuff together. Prayerfully, they come to a consensus on how to healthily co-parent for the well being of baby future. Shoot, for the well being of all of Future’s kids.

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  • Avatar
    Reply Micahla September 1, 2015 at 10:52 PM

    lol…. you are so wise

    • Alana Flowers
      Reply Alana Flowers September 2, 2015 at 9:29 PM

      A lot of time of prayer and patience and Holy Water

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