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Checking In: Where’s Alana Been?

I know I know. There’s been a nice lapse in between my last blog post and now. I have these seasons where my desire to write is on 1000 and other seasons where it refuses to leave my brain. At the end of the…

February 6, 2019

Mama Lana and Addy Paddy Take Eckert’s Farm

Since wedding planning is officially over and I’ve had a few weeks to settle in, I am being more intentional about the quality time I spend with my ace Addy Paddy. We spent this past Sunday at Eckert’s Millstadt Farm – about 30 minutes…

October 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Addy Paddy Pudding Pop!

        Happy Birthday Addyson Marie God couldn’t have chose a better child to place in my womb YOU GET ON MY LAAAAAAAST NERVES !!!!!! But you are stretching me to become the mom God intended me to be In my lowest…

September 17, 2015