If you haven’t heard the news already, I am now one of the official contributors for xoNecole.com! (formerly NecoleBitchie) I am very excited about this opportunity as I can promise you, this was not on my radar just a few months ago. People have asked me, “Alana, how did you get on” so I’d figure I’d go into true blogger fashion and write about it.

Anybody who knows me knows how random I am: from the things I blurt out to the things that I do so this is how the story begins.

I was online one evening doing absolutely nothing productive and I randomly thought about Necole making that IG post saying that NecoleBitchie was no more. I was curious to know was her new brand, xoNecole, up and running so I went to her page to find the link for the site which was still under construction. I found the editor’s email address under the Contact Us tab and sent over an email that said:

First and foremost,

I am extremely proud of Necole for taking that leap of faith and following her conviction in what she knew in her heart to do. NecoleBitchie had a large following and probably disappointed a lot of people when the decision was made to go elsewhere but WHO CARES! Major dope move and from one sistah girl to the next, I am excited to see projects forthcoming.

I am an aspiring blogger as well trying to find my niche in this world (as well as a mother, graduate student, potential fiance, thrifter, awesome friend, lover of Bobby Womack, etc).

This may or may not ever be read by your eyes, but if it does, I hope it blesses you. This is all I experience and all I say placed into a blog  for the world to read, relate, empathize, and love.

I hope you get all 4.

God Bless

I sent her the link to the post I made about my younger brother and 10 minutes later I got an email in my inbox with a response from her saying:

Alana, thank you!

Sometimes the road gets tough but I have to keep it pushing for those who believe in me. This has been a fun ride. I hope your brother is still doing okay. Powerful post. And congrats on your upcoming engagement 🙂 “- Necole

Awwwwwww Snaps!!! Made a young writer feel super encouraged. I remained on the site and found a tab that said Join the XOTribe. They were looking for people who were college students, savvy with social media, excellent communication skills, and excited about the XO brand just to name a few. One of the perks of being an ambassador is getting priority story submissions. I was sold from then on. I filled out the form (which is still available on the site for those being an XOTribe ambassador) and 3 weeks later I got an email saying I was accepted.


So far, it’s been a dope experience. 2 of my articles have already been published on the site: 7 Things I Learned.. and #ConcernedAlum and both have received good feedback thus far. As of early November, I received an email from Necole stating that a slot opened for an official contributor position on the site and I accepted!

I just like to write and enjoy the fact that others can relate to it. To know that my passion for writing has taken the notice of Necole and others can trip me up sometimes. It’s amazing and I am grateful.

Randomness for the WIN!

I am a firm believer that what’s random to us is pre-determined by Christ.

I don’t know where writing will take me, but for where I am now, there are no complaints.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people! People get so caught up in the “professional” way to do things and grow fearful of how they will be received.


Opportunity awaits you. Whose inbox you gone hit up tonight? 🙂

God Bless,

Alana Marie

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