Monday Motivation


It shouldn’t have to be Friday in order to enjoy your week. “Monday Blues” or “Mundane Mondays” or whatever you call it. How you perceive Mondays can have a huge affect on how you go about your day/ how you go about your week.

“How can I celebrate TGIM?”

Glad you asked.

Sunday night preparation is KEY! Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest but in Alana’s world, that typically does not happen. I’m slowly but surely reserving my Sunday evenings strictly for preparation.

  • Meal prep my lunches for the week.
  • Giving Addy a bath, doing her hair, dinner, and setting out both of our clothes for the next day.
  • Putting an “oldie but goodie” on the record player (typically Bobby Womack or Isley Brothers).
  • Cleaning/organizing my apartment. I CANNOT work in a cluttered space.
  • Pulling out my planner and assessing what I’ve done, what needs to be done, and take the loss on what I did not get done and make an attempt to complete it at a later date.
  • REST!

I love Mondays! I feel like it is a fresh start and I can set the tone for the week. I know I don’t necessarily have full control over what happens throughout the week but I can control my response to what happens. I have my days where I spazz out so I’ve been working on self-preservation tactics to keep my sanity. Self-affirmation is EVERYTHING!

Hate your job? Find ONE thing that makes clocking in worthwhile.

Classwork stressful? Create an environment that makes sitting down and doing work tolerable (music , food, table at Starbucks, etc).

It’s a shame if you have to wait until Friday to enjoy yourself. You have to let 5 whole days pass before you feel an ounce of excitement.

Carry peace ALL throughout the week.


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