Mo’ Livin’ Mo’ Problems

July 5, 2015

problemThe funny thing about problems is, there is always going to be one. Not my intention to begin this with a pessimistic opening but you will catch my drift further along. After a weekend away with family and friends to celebrate the wedding of my cousin and her soon to be husband, I was then reminded of my current issues as soon as I hopped off the plane. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend I just had and was able to relax, mentally and physically and leave the cares of the world away from me for just a moment. That is what is so interesting about vacations: the ability to vacate from current problems for a moment and return to them at a later date. Because there will always be problems we face for as long as we live, we know that is something we don’t have any control over. What we do have control over is our response to problems.

Every situation may not play out how we planned it or how we desired it to BUT there is a promise that it will always work out for our good.

For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose

– Romans 8:28.

This is my favorite verse and that is for a reason. Even in the midst of my most unfavorable moments, I am pressed with encouragement and hope to know that God is all up and through my situation working it out. Cliché saying but clichés have some truth or they wouldn’t be considered clichés. I say all that to say this, every season may not put a smile on our face but if we allow it, seasons will stretch and increase our faith, produce firm foundations, enhance your relationship with The Source, and make you whole. God is TOO strategic to hit you with randomness. What is random or a coincidence to us is a pre-laid out plan by Him. Whether it’s heavy tension within a marriage, struggles of being a single parent or waves of bills being thrown at you….it doesn’t matter. We have already been promised victory in all that we go through. The key is to actually go through it.

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world

– 1 John 4:4.

Tap into your inner Incredible Hulk and defeat the spiritual forces that attempt to weaken your faith. I myself am going through a heavy season as well, but I know whom my Source is. Stay connected to Him and watch the power of your problems be eliminated.


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