If you haven’t heard the news by now, I’m a whole fiancée! Impossible to be a half-I just wanted to spice up this post.
During our vacation to Dallas for the New Years holiday, we got engaged.
What I thought was just another photo shoot (he takes my pictures all the time back in STL) was a pre-planned proposal.
We went to the Continental Gateway Bridge in Dallas (his home town) and he started snapping some pictures but kept positioning me by the skyline and would get upset if I moved (sign 1). After he would snap a few pics, he kept pulling out his phone to text (sign 2). He then tells me his best friend was in town and was going to meet up with us while we were there. “Okay. Cool.”
His best friend walks up with a bouquet of flowers (sign 3). My spirit is on 10 but I’m staying cool like the G that I am. Last thing I wanted to do was get all riled up over something that very likely could’ve not happened (because he would’ve felt my wrath the remainder of the trip if I was wrong lol) I digress.
He trades her the camera for the bouquet of flowers and walks over to me.
Addyson, my daughter, ain’t paying us no mind. Too busy watching rocks fall from the bridge into the water. He begins to ask if I had lipstick on my teeth and my eyes start to well up but I’m holding it together. “Maybe he wants me to take pictures with the flowers and not have lipstick on my teeth.”
Entertaining any thought to keep me from losing my cool.
He proceeds to say, “I talked to your dad on Christmas” and I’m pretty much donzo after that. I tuned out. Idk what all was said after that.
Ironically, I was freezing cold standing on the bridge up until then. I couldn’t feel anything but my tears and snot coming down my nose.
I tuned back in just enough to hear him say, “you gone get on my nerves for the rest of my life?”
Yes yes and yes again.
We finally bring Addyson to attention and once he informs her of what he asked me, she gets excited and booty bumps me (das my baby).
I’ve been getting asked did “I know” it was coming…
I knew it would happen and I knew it was going to be him, just didn’t know how or when.
It is true when they say you can feel it. I’d catch small hints like him singing the “it’s Jared” jingle or my daughter constantly whispering to him over Christmas about my “extra gift.”
I should’ve known something was up because I remember him mentioning how he wanted to be “home” when he asked me. He made sure he did just that. He proposed at home. Dallas.
I’ve been on a life high since 12.29.17
2017 has been very good to me. God has been showing up and showing out, per usual (read here) and I’m just glad we closed out the year setting a foundation for our family.
I’m excited AF!
I know marriage is a whole nother monster and while I am geeked, I’m also anxious. Keep us lifted in prayer as we go through this journey to marriage.
Oh y’all are going to have to wait on that one 🙂
Stay tuned.
The Woodson’s coming soon.

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