I don’t think I have a favorite color, but more so a favorite color palette.

Whether it’s 100 degrees outside or a nice shade of crisp orange and sandy leaves covering the front lawn welcoming the beginning of fall, my go-to colors are pretty much the same.

The olive greens and all things shaded neutral.


Not only do I have a knack for purchasing and styling items that fall in line with this color palette, but also fall in line with my budget. Over 95% of my wardrobe is thrifted (I talk a lot about that here). The ability to be creative with only a dollar to my name (relatively speaking) adds thrill to the styling of my wardrobe.


The top was purchased for $3 from The Salvation Army and the high-waisted, 5-buttoned, jeans were $4 from The Goodwill – one of my favorite go-to stores.


This neutral-striped fitted dress was also purchased at The Goodwill for $1.75 (originally $3.50 but it was marked 50% off).

Fall frugality.

To learn more about my passion for thrifting and see my frugal style, read about Nifty Thrifty  here.



Styled by: @maescloset

Photographed by: @tackledev

Modeled by: @iamalanamarie


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