Everybody Say “Happy Birthday Mrs. Bridgman”

July 28, 2015


Happy 25th Candess!

8 years of friendship and I am grateful for every second. Kindred spirits. It is so hard to explain to people our connection and even harder to make sense of it ourselves but thats what makes it so awesome!! You have been nothing short of a sistah girl, supporter, prayer warrior, Addy’s God mommy, and a dope friend. I appreciate all that you are and all that you do. I am grateful that:

(1) You always say what I wanted to say before I could even get a word out

(2) You can sense uneasiness in me without me even speaking of it

(3) Rushing over to my grandmother’s house when I told you she passed to sit with me and my family

(4) You pray for me without reason

(5) We can always laugh regardless of circumstances

(6) You bring no judgment upon me

Thank you for being my friend!

“Alana, how did y’all meet?”

It’s a long story. Press play 🙂


IMG_8959 IMG_3695 IMG_2441  IMG_2448 IMG_3673

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