I know I know. There’s been a nice lapse in between my last blog post and now. I have these seasons where my desire to write is on 1000 and other seasons where it refuses to leave my brain. At the end of the day, here I’m is 🙂 and while the site has been quiet for a minute, my real life has been the complete opposite.

Alana, what have you been up to?” I’m so glad you asked. Well,

Ya Girl Got Married


On September 29, 2018, the #DNALoveAffair was live and full effect. Definitely one of my highlights of 2018 and I’ll speak for him (I can do that now as a wife lol), I’m sure he would agree. Wedding planning took up a great deal of 2018 since we only had a 9 month engagement – the fastest nine months I’ve ever lived through. Anywho, here we are: The Woodson’s.

Out here Making Films


Well, I’m currently in production for my first film: The Kinloch Doc. Right before I graduated with my Masters of Social Work in 2017, I decided I wanted to utilize my degree in the field of filmmaking. I had begun production in April of 2017 and so far I’ve completed The Kinloch Doc (short) and screened in 2 festivals. Not bad for a first time filmmaker with no previous filmmaking experience and no formal training. God has definitely been faithful.

Joined #TheBaldBaddie Club


Yeeeeeaaaaaah  it had to go. It was all tew much. It looked a lot healthier than it actually was and between the years of color treatment and flat-ironing, I had an array of textures to deal with in my hair on a weekly basis. One Friday, I spent an hour de-tangling my hair in the shower. An hour. A whole 60 minutes. That afternoon, I grabbed the sheers and went in. I love it so far. Taking some getting used to but since I got a little head, it’s fitting 🙂

Increased my Digital Content Creation Opportunities


Producing a story for HEC TV


Pictured w/Humans of St. Louis Founder, Lindy Drew

Towards the end of 2018, I was offered two opportunities to create digital content: (1) Freelance storyteller with Humans of St. Louis (HOSTL)  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that shares first-person stories and photographic portraits, featuring people and places throughout St. Louis. (2) Freelance producer/editor for HEC TV St. Louis’ leading producer of education and arts television programming. I’ve been meeting up with Lindy almost on a weekly basis as she is training me to become a storyteller for HOSTL and pitching different content to HEC TV – mainly culture/arts related. 

It’s Coach Woodson to You


I was swooned (not really – I actually wanted to) into coaching my daughter’s 3rd grade basketball team. Honestly, I was a little worried at first because I didn’t know what the commitment would be and as you can clearly see, I’m always involved in something. But if I can stretch myself thin in all these other areas, I can damn sure make the time to be there for my kid. The girls are currently 3-1 and my baby girl happens to be their leading scorer. Y’all should see me on game day – no chill. But a proud mommy.

There’s more to add but it’s already borderline gloat-y so this is where I’ll end. I had it on my mind to be more consistent on the site but I was too busy living in these moments as they were happening. 2018 was a fun-filled/stressful year but I planted a lot of seeds for a fruitful 2019. Cheers to another dope ass year.


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