“Big Red What They Call Me”

January 17, 2018

I am a true believer that every woman should do something drastic with their hair at least once in their life. When it comes to adding color to your hair, I think it holds the same truth as cutting your hair. Once you start, you don’t stop.


I’ve dyed my hair from jet black every winter to honey blonde every fall.

I’ve had a pixie cut when I was channeling my inner Toni Braxton/Nia Long (read about my hair journey here) all the way to an edgy mo-hawk and back to my fro.

At the end of 2015, I went to Sally’s, grabbed a couple boxes of Magenta by Loreal Hi Color Highlights , and called up my cousin who is a certified stylist to do the job. Let’s just say I’ve been in love ever since.

“Big Red” was the nickname I was given by a classmate when I was in graduate school. It helped that I am also 5’9” and I’ve taken on that name with honor 🙂


I often times get asked how do I manage to keep my hair so healthy with dye in it. I try to deep condition my hair at least once a week while keeping my twist-outs up for at least 6-7 days, to prevent me from having my hands in my hair every single day. Oiling my scalp with essential oils dropped in extra virgin olive oil (as the base) every couple of days, and giving my hair/body PLENTY of water.

In this current season, I’ve mellowed out the brightness of the magenta and settled for an auburn.  Trust and believe, with my wedding coming up later this fall, Big Red will be back in full effect.







Hair Color: HiColor Red Highlights Magenta Permanent Creme Hair Color

Hair Products: Moisture Style Cream by Sweethead Naturals, Curl & Defining Cream by Khlova Hair

Styled by : @MaesCloset

Photographed by: @tackledev & @koryplease

Modeled by: @iamalanamarie



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