It’s something about the idea of summer coming to an end and school resuming that sends parents into a frenzy to want to swipe their cards and deplete their banks accounts for perceived necessities. I’ll be starting school in the fall as well and before I spend one red cent, I created this checklist for myself and my child:

  • Check your stash you already have at home! Nothing worse than finding out you purchased a duplicate because you didn’t look before you went to the store. My mom birthed 3 children and went school shopping EVERY year. By the time I graduated and we moved into our new house, do you know how many pencils, pens, notebooks, loose leaf paper packages, glue sticks, erasers, and sharpeners were still in bags in the closet ?!?! Search-eth before you purchase ß- I like that
  • Hand me downs:
    1. This may work more so for the smaller children than teens but I save so much money on Addy’s clothes by taking in her older cousin’s hand me downs (Thanks Yvonne!) NO SHAME! Who is she trying to impress anyway?
  • Back to school fairs
    1. Hit them up! I mean hit them ALL up! Addy and I will be visiting two separate fairs on the same day. There are too many resources and too much free stuff that organizations are willing to give away for spending money to always be a first resort. After seeing what you picked up from the fair, see what else is needed.
  • Thrift Stores
    1. Of course this was going to be a suggestion. Considering I already love thrifting, these are my stores of choice. I always rack up on clothes for Addy (and me) when I go. Mostly, I purchase off-season items that Addy will eventually grow into. Some stores even have additional discounts throughout the week (Goodwill usually have clothing items for 50% during the start of the week).
  • No Sales Tax Weekend
    • Missouri’s always falls around the first or 2nd weekend of August. Check your state to see when it begins and how long it will last for. Whatever else you NEED need, use this weekend to take advantage of. Ex) computers &  dorm essentials
  • Coupons!!
    • I am starting to get really good at this. Especially since becoming an extreme couponer was one of my summer goals. Gather multiple sunday papers/inserts and cut out multiple school supply coupons. Even coupons for items you wouldn’t normally purchase. Wait until there is a good sale and RACK UP! Some great extreme couponers to follow on Instagram are @luv_2_coupon @freestufffinder @brinkfromcorporate and @loovecoupons.


    • Trunk parties: When asking for things, request your larger items as gifts so you can pick up the smaller (less expensive) items on your own
    • May be close to impossible but try saving 1/3 of graduation cash for when you actually start school. Dining halls typically close around 6:30-7 and I am sure you will be hungry a little later than that. Helps to have some cash on hand.
    • Books—— EXPENSIVE—–and on some occasions will never be used. Since it is an educational necessity, seek out the cheapest route. Search for rental options before purchasing and IF you have to purchase, purchase Used not New. Also, attend classes first to see if books are optional.

My experience as a parent and a student has helped me make better financial decisions when it comes to school necessities. I hope this helped you as well!

Good luck shopping/saving!

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