Assuming that you’ve probably heard the news, former NBA star, Lamar Odom, was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, October 13th. Sources say he was using a sex stimulant while at the brothel, but it is unknown if the stimulant is what provoked his current state. Odom is hospitalized where he still remains unconscious.

I’ll admit, most of what I know about Lamar Odom has been what several media outlets have spewed to the masses. I am aware that he is an incredible basketball player (won 2 championships), endured some tremendous hardships in his life, and his short-term marriage to Khloe Kardashian. Unfortunately, that is where my knowledge ended.

I’m convicted.

For someone who has experience working in media, I should be more than well aware of the power of media and how they package stories for pure entertainment and views.

For Lamar Odom, the media has done a fantastic job by setting his life on a platform to be laughed at and scrutinized.

Here we are now…..

All the memes and the jokes…. it was all fun and games to find humor in his despair, but now he is fighting for his life.

Not so funny anymore is it?

I’ll also admit, how I fell victim to the ploy of the media in how they paint stories and let them dictate my opinions and views on Lamar Odom’s life. But because I am aware, one of the most frustrating things about this situation is every media outlet creating stories about Lamar Odom but cannot refrain from mentioning his relationship to the kardashians.

This time, out of respect for this man & at the VERY LEAST, could we keep the focus on Odom and his current state. This isn’t a reality show. There isn’t a script to be followed. No amount of money can solve this.

Forget the reason why he is currently in the hospital. Carry that concern over to the fact that he’s even in the hospital.

Rather than feeding into the mess, there is a positive role that we, as media consumers, can assume:

Empathy: I’ve never been to a brothel. Never done hard drugs. Probably never will BUT I have my own vices and own sets of habits that can easily be discerned as addictions depending on who is assessing me. Regardless, my story may not match his, but no one is without fault. Maybe you’ve taken one shot too many. Maybe you text and drive habitually. Maybe you go through 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day. Pick your poison. As a mother, sister, daughter, friend, whatever…..if I get the phone call that a loved one is in the hospital, the reason they are there damn sure isn’t as important as the fact that they make it out.

Educate Yourself: Yes, Lamar Odom very much so had a life and was WELL known LONG before the kardashians. His life extends past reality tv and his jersey & sneakers.

  • Father addicted to heroine
  • Lost mother due to cancer at the age of 12
  • Lost a son due to SIDS in 2006
  • Recently lost two close friends due to overdoses

Granted, I am not providing excuses for his life decisions. I am just providing a greater understanding of the direction of his life up to this point.

Pray: Put them judgments by the wayside, clasp them hands together, and pray. Apparently, we all have so much to say about him but are any of them words speaking life over this man? All the words we allow to leave our lips to cast judgment and speak negative of this man and his current state, take those very same lips to pray for healing.

I guess this weighs so heavy on my heart because it hits home for me. Generational curses are very real to me. Mental health in the black community is very real to me. Substance abuse is very real to me. I’ve had my share of family verbal brawls and interventions. Still have my share. Only difference is, I am not famous. When the people who work in media go to bed and the camera stops rolling, Lamar is still fighting for his life. Period.

“Lamar, I don’t know you and probably will never cross your path. I am praying for a miraculous recovery. I am praying for every paramedic, nurse, doctor, and any person of medicine that is working on you to pour a little bit of strength in you with each visit to your room. I am praying for the family, friends, and loved ones of yours to cast their cares upon the Lord as He has the ultimate say so. I am praying that they are speaking life into you. I am praying that your children are surrounded by love and positivity. That they are not in need of anything. Praying for your heart, mind, body, and spirit. For the ultimate healing, and lastly, for His will to be done.”

God Bless.


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