If I’m not decked out in neutral, my second go to is anything denim – most of the time it is always paired together.

It’s an easy grab and style outfit that I don’t have to think too much about when prepping for my day.

My favorite being light denim or an acid wash jean.

As always, you know I barely paid anything for it.


This denim fringed top was an immediate eye-grabber. I found this number at the Salvation Army for all of $3.  It really reminds me of Jim Carey in The Mask.

The acid wash skort was $1.75 at my local Good will store aka my favorite thrift store.



I call these shoes my “pop” shoes because anytime I wear them, I feel like they make the entire fit pop. They give it the final touch. While they aren’t thrifted, I caught these on sale for $14 from lulus.com.



Styled by: @maescloset

Photographed by: @tackledev

Modeled by: @iamalanamarie

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