For a little over a year now, I’ve added podcasts to my list of go-to resources as I embark on this creative-hustler journey. I don’t know what took me so long to see the importance of these info-filled/action packed weekly episodes but I’m glad I finally came to my senses. There are a handful of podcasts that I keep in rotation that have been imperative for my creative flow and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with my creative tribe. Some of which you may know and some of which I may be putting you on to. Either way, break out your iphone and subscribe. Tell them Alana sent you 🙂

Side Hustle w/Soul Podcast with Dielle Charon

This podcast is hosted by Dielle Charon, a passionate business coach whose primary mission is to assist service-based entrepreneurs and coaches sign clients in their side hustles. She gives a healthy balance of guest commentary as well as provide her own insight about the ins and outs of creative entrepreneurship in 30 minutes or less. She even includes mini exercises for her listeners to become more clear in identifying the purpose behind their brands. This has quickly become a fav of mine.


Blessed + Bossed Up w/Tatum Tamia

This podcast has truly created its own lane. There are many content creators that cater to the aspiring entrepreneur but Blessed + Bossed Up speaks to the creative with a heart for The Creator. She speaks on the importance of keeping God at the core of all decision making and as someone who began her digital content journey with a faith-based blog, this drew me back to my roots. She preaches without being preachy and her episodes are very relatable and relevant.

The Freelance Friday Podcast w/ Latasha James

Latasha James is all things creative: a social media strategist, podcast host, youtuber and a personal branding & business coach. I enjoy her podcast for her short/sweet tips and her pragmatism. I happen to follow her on several platforms (IG: @ajourneyeast & her Facebook Group: Money Making Micro-Influencer) and she always keeps her audience engaged.

The Dave Ramsey Show

I’m sure most of us creatives enjoy the idea of creating content as artists but we’d be lying if we said we don’t desire to make money off of our craft. If you are anything like me, you are probably turned off by the thought of all that goes into maintaining and sustaining our creative endeavors that’s NOT creative. I JUST WANNA CREATE! But if I’m trying to make some money, I need to have a practical understanding of money management in ALL areas of my life. Plus, Dave is so pragmatic with his commentary. He don’t play.


Side Hustle Pro with Nicaila Matthews Okome

Nicaila is definitely a Boss Babe of digital content. Once I hopped on the podcast bandwagon, Side Hustle Pro was the first podcast I subscribed to. What I appreciate most about this podcast is, there are so many different guests on the show with varying backgrounds and businesses.  I may not always be privy to every industry of the side hustlers on the show or be personally interested in that industry BUT all the tips, tricks, and lessons learned within each episode are transferable for creatives within any industry. This is a great introductory podcast for new found creatives., podcasts

She’s a Creative Podcast w/Kay H

This podcast is a new found fav. I learned about Kay via instagram and I am in love with her content. All of her content is geared towards female entrepreneurs – to help them grow and get sales on media. I find her to be very relatable and passionate about sharing her gifts and helping others tap into their own. Sis has some great content and guests on her podcast, and I’ve found myself implementing what I’ve learned into my own work.


The Potter’s House At One LA

My brain can stay on 1000 if I allow it and I can often neglect necessary moments of silence and stillness to connect with my creator.  I appreciate this podcast for not having anything to do with my creative passions BUT feeds my spirit which in turn makes me a better creative. I love the relationship between The Robert’s and how each sermon hits on something I am either currently enduring or have of past.

I know there are several more heavy-hitting podcasts that I have yet to come across. What are you currently subscribed to? Leave suggestions in the comments below.


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