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August 2015

Mommy and Addy @ the Zou: Part 1

  Pt. 1 “How did you manage being a full-time student and full-time parent at the same time? Especially being so young?” If I had a dollar for everytime I was asked that question, I’d probably be out of student debt. My usual answer…

August 31, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter: When Family Becomes a Hashtag

  It was a Sunday and I was wrapping up my final Spring Break as an undergrad in 2012. I had opted for a weekend in Chicago with some cousins and was not ready to head back to school. I remember feeling my phone…

August 20, 2015

Where Were You On August 9th ?

I can remember every detail. My grandmother had just passed away that June and we spent the remainder of the summer cleaning out her house to be sold. That Saturday afternoon was filled with sorting, reminiscing, packing, and throwing away all of my grandmother’s…

August 10, 2015

Meet the Browns

She’s the youngest person in the room, widest smile and her little feet patters on top of the gymnasium floor every two seconds. She isn’t hard to miss because every other child is 2x her size. She is running back forth from her father…

August 8, 2015

Back to School Tips & Suggestions

  It’s something about the idea of summer coming to an end and school resuming that sends parents into a frenzy to want to swipe their cards and deplete their banks accounts for perceived necessities. I’ll be starting school in the fall as well…

August 7, 2015

“That’s Just My Baby’s Dad”

The Ciara/Future/Russell Wilson dilemma has been quite a hot topic in the social media streets over the past few weeks. I, myself have partaken (foolishly) in the unsolicited opinion giving of this subject (BECAUSE IT’S PETTY) but once my dad told me I’m wasting…

August 4, 2015